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Shani T. Night

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"I aspire to be the best part of me." - Shani T. Night

My Story

Shani T. Night: Award-Winning Children's Author, Inspirational Writer, and Happiness Coach 🌟

With a passion for storytelling that spans over 13 years, Shani T. Night has emerged as an acclaimed children's author, captivating young hearts with her imaginative tales. Born in Washington, DC, and now residing in Maryland with her loving husband and three children, Shani's creative journey has been nurtured by her unwavering commitment to sharing her artistic gifts with the world.

From a young age, Shani exuded an innate artistic flair, whether through the performing arts or visual expressions. She fearlessly embraced her boundless imagination, ensuring that her light never dimmed. Over the past 12 years, she has felt an ever-growing calling to bring her vibrant thoughts and stories to life on paper, immersing readers in the enchanting lives of her beloved characters.

Shani's books are infused with her love for food and the joy of fellowship, reflecting the cherished moments she has embraced throughout her life. Her writing seeks to inspire the younger generation, offering them a gateway to imagination and empowerment. Through her stories, she encourages all readers to let their lights shine brightly and resolutely, never allowing anyone or anything to diminish their brilliance. Shani believes in the transformative power of words and hopes that her readers will discover the profound impact that language can have on their lives.

Beyond her work as an author, Shani is a Certified Happiness, Life, and Wellness Coach on a mission to guide individuals toward their happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling lives. She understands that true happiness originates from within and believes in the transformative potential of positive changes in thoughts, behaviors, and lifestyle choices. Through her coaching expertise, she empowers others to embrace lasting well-being and discover the immense joy that lies within their hearts.

Join Shani T. Night on this captivating journey of storytelling, inspiration, and personal growth. Let her words transport you to a world brimming with imagination and wisdom. Together, let us illuminate the path towards happiness and fulfillment, one cherished story at a time. ✨📘

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