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Author Showcase: Dolphine Solomon Lynch

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

Dolphine Solomon Lynch is an author from North Carolina, currently residing in Maryland. She is a born dreamer who has a great imagination. She expresses her thoughts through writing and journaling. Dolphine has a great love for family and is a wife, mother, grandmother, and business partner with her husband.

Dolphine is a storyteller at heart, which some people would never know. Her siblings call her the comedian with wisdom. She believes that no one should ever stop dreaming because dreams do come true. Her hobbies include portrait painting and crafting. Dolphine is a writer who will open the eyes and ears of many as she broadens their imagination through novels.

Dolphine's debut novel, Wall Street Lady is a romance story set against the backdrop of Black Wall Street, North Carolina's historic center for Black wealth. Wall Street was a Black owned business district in Enfield, North Carolina, a place where Blacks could go and connect.

"A love, life, and family story" - Infinite Generations Creative Team

Wall Street Lady is Dolphine's dedication to her mother, Willie Vernece Joyner Solomon, who inspired the character Kyra.

Wall Street Lady tells the story of Kyra's life, starting on her family's North Carolina farm during the era of Black Wall Street. The novel spans several decades as Kyra grows up and follows her heart--and sometimes fate--into unknown territory while always seeking that elusive balance between love, joy, happiness, and pain.

Wall Street Lady is based on an era of Black Wall Street - an era that was known for its majestic successes, growth and shared community love. In the 40’s, it was a place that Kyra loved and where she met the love of her life. The book captures her struggles, strength, hope, love, faith and dreams beautifully. Throughout the story she poses one main question: Is it the heart one should follow?

August is National Romance Awareness Month, and is meant to bring attention to the idea that couples often need to be intentional about being romantic with one another in order to keep the flame burning.

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