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Author Showcase: Reginald P. Howard

Reginald P. Howard is a self-taught freelance illustrator who has been drawing for the love of art for over 40 years. While in quarantine, Reginald decided to start his journey as an author. One day his wife suggested, "instead of just drawing and doodling in your art book, why not package it up in the form of a book for others to see and enjoy?"

This led to the creation of his first book "Here Come The Mice," an epic tale about a small college basketball team and their journey to the climactic championship game. Reginald pulls inspiration from his life and uses his brother, Warren, as the main character as this underdog team accomplishes the unthinkable. His second book, "That's His Story," also pulls inspiration from his life, but this time from his own childhood. These stories feature several hilarious characters, who are members of a real-life African-American family, that spans across their growing years, written and drawn from the perspective of one family member.

Art and drawing have always been a passion and mode of relaxation for Reginald. His favorite artist is Gary Larson, creator of the cartoon series "The Far Side." You can see a lot of Larson's work in some of Reginald's cartoons if you look close enough.

"The most joyful experience is watching someone else laugh hysterically at what I created" - Reginald

Reginald has always aspired to be a cartoonist but the opportunity never really presented itself, until 2020. He entered a few large scale contest and received rave reviews but never won, but he was always encouraged to continue his craft because he received positive feedback from the contest, which served as a hovering motivational cloud.

Working with Reginald on his two publications has been nothing short of a humorous experience. That humor is certainly captured in his two books. Reginald is able to capture memorable moments from his life and turn them into relatable stories that fit into the lives of the readers.

The reader's response to the first two books has been tremendous, enough to cause serious consideration for more books in the future!

You can check out his two books on Amazon:

Here Come The Mice

That's His Story

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