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Author Showcase: Shani T. Night

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Shani T. Night is a self-proclaimed freelance author who has been writing on and off for the love of writing for over 13 years. Born in Washington DC, Shani now lives in Maryland, with her husband and three children. Since childhood, Shani has expressed an artistic side which she would eventually share with others. Whether it was in the form of performing arts or visual arts, she has always explored and expressed her imaginary gift of thoughts, and emotions while simply just being herself.

Over the past 12 years, Shani has felt a growing need to put her thoughts and written words on paper, where they can come alive in the form of characters.

In the year 2020, the global pandemic and quarantine presented the opportunity to finally write her first children's book. Shani wrote 5 children books in 2020, and published them with Infinite Generations. These books include The Art Boy Who Won't Share, I Am Simply Me and I Love Pie, The Tale of Two Cars and Two Brown Legs, The Six Horse Is My Friend and The Six Horse and are all published under Infinity Books, Infinite Generations branded imprint.

These books are apart of the Shani and Friends Series and The Six Horse Series. Shani and Friends is a series full of adventures with friends at school, and at home. This series is influenced by real-life experiences in Shani's African-American family and community. Her love of family and family events are captured in each book. The Six Horse Series is inspired by Shani's life on the farm and her favorite pet horse. Both of these series are based on true events, adventures, friendships, and inspiring experiences and relationships.

" A series inspired by the girl in me" - Shani T. Night

As an adult, she writes books that help kids expand their minds and make them want to read. As a child, she wished there were more colorful and lively books to read. Shani spent a lot of time outside because there weren't enough engaging books that captured her interest. Therefore, as an adult Shani worked to create stories that she thought children would like to read. Today, she writes stories that relate to family time and the life-long memories that impacted her life.

"I want to educate and inspire. Today kids have so much more than my age group had as a child when it comes to technology. They can learn so much thanks to the internet. My books are meant to educate and provide useful insight into life experiences. As well as, to tie nature and life together in books." -Shani T. Night

Inspired by her African-American family life as a child growing up, she writes from the perspective of a six year old girl.

Shani's books are written about family. Her stories are inspired by events that happened in her li