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From Ministry to Magazines: A Candid Q&A with Carrie M. Spruill

Faith is a powerful force that can lead individuals on extraordinary journeys. Rev. Dr. Carrie M. Spruill is one such individual whose life has been guided by faith, wisdom, and a deep sense of purpose. As the founder of Faith Word Healing Ministries and Faith Word Healing Magazine, she has left an indelible mark on the world of spirituality and publishing.

At Infinite Generations, our mission has always been to empower individuals to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact. We are honored to share the inspiring journey of Carrie, who not only started as one of our first clients but has become an integral part of our company.

Empowering Faith-Based Dreams: The Dynamic Collaboration of Infinite Generations and Faith Word Healing

Carrie first crossed paths with Infinite Generations with a profound dream—to create a magazine that would inspire faith and connect with the hearts of readers. Her passion for spreading the Word of God was evident, and her dedication to making this dream a reality was unwavering. We recognized the potential and vision she possessed, and together, we embarked on a remarkable journey to bring her dream to life.

Faith Word Healing Founder Q & A

Join us on a unique exploration of her inspiring life in this exclusive Q&A session, where we'll uncover the connections between ministry, and the unwavering belief in the transformative power of faith.

Q: Can you share a bit about your journey and how you were led to establish the Faith Word Healing Ministry?

A: In 2014, I embarked on this incredible journey because I saw a need for those who couldn't physically attend church. It became clear to me that there were individuals hungry for spiritual nourishment but couldn't make it to the pews. It reminded me of Jesus' promise to spread His word throughout the world. Faith Word Healing Ministry is our way of fulfilling that promise, making His teachings accessible and transforming lives, one soul at a time. One thing that stands out in my mind is when Jesus said his Word would be spread throughout the world, and Faith Word Healing uses technology to help accomplsih that.

Q: Your book "Sunday Messages" is a collection of inspirational messages. What inspired you to compile these messages into a book?

A: I've always believed in the power of connection, and I wanted to bridge the gap between those who prefer reading books and those who engage online. Whether you're scrolling through a screen or holding a book in your hands, the message remains the same. "Sunday Messages" is my way of reaching out to everyone, offering a source of inspiration that transcends the boundaries of the digital world. Whether you're tech-savvy or prefer the feel of a book in your hands, these messages are here to uplift and connect with you. My book is a way to reach those who just want to pick up a book and read the Word.

Q: The book focuses on understanding and trusting the Holy Spirit. Can you elaborate on the importance of the Holy Spirit in one's spiritual journey?

A: Indeed, the Holy Spirit plays a pivotal role in our spiritual journey. First, we need to have faith. It begins with faith—a foundation that supports all we do. From there, we entrust our journey to the guiding light of the Holy Spirit. It's about placing our unwavering trust in the Spirit's wisdom and direction, knowing that we're not alone on this path. We have to let the Holy Spirit lead and guide us throughout this life journey. When we allow the Holy Spirit to lead, our faith becomes a beacon of hope, illuminating the way to our spiritual aspirations. So, it's not just about faith; it's about trust, surrender, and letting the Holy Spirit navigate our life's voyage. Having faith in whatever you do and trusting in the Holy Spirit to lead us to whatever we are hoping for.

Q: Can you share a specific message or scripture from your book that you believe has had a profound impact on your readers?

A: One of the most impactful scriptures is "We walk by faith and not by sight." This verse speaks to the essence of our earthly journey. It encourages us to view the world not merely through our physical eyes but through the lens of faith. We can look at things with our naked eye, or we can choose to look at things through faith.

"For we walk by faith, not by sight" -2 Corinthians 5:7

It's a reminder that despite the challenges and obstacles that may surround us, when we fix our gaze on faith and trust, we become capable of achieving remarkable feats. By shifting our perspective from the negative to the positive, we unlock the potential to overcome any obstacle and move forward with unwavering belief in God's guidance and grace.

Q: What advice would you offer to individuals seeking to deepen their connection with the Holy Spirit and experience life-changing spiritual growth?

A: My advice is simple yet profound: immerse yourself in Scripture daily. Make it a habit to not just read, but meditate on the Word of God. Through meditation, you'll find strength, and your faith will flourish. It's in those moments of reflection and communion with the Scriptures that you'll experience the Holy Spirit's presence and guidance, leading you on a life-changing spiritual path.

Q: Can you share a personal testimonial or story from your ministry that exemplifies the transformative power of the Holy Spirit in people's lives?

A: I don't have just one story, but I would say that upon talking to many people while doing street ministry, I've had the privilege of witnessing numerous transformations while engaging in street ministry. One recurring theme I've encountered is the profound shift in people's perspectives. Many individuals I've spoken to on the streets initially harbor negative thoughts and doubts. However, as we engage in conversations about faith and the Holy Spirit, something remarkable happens. They begin to grasp the concept of faith and its connection to the Holy Spirit working within them.

For instance, consider those moments in life that we often label as miracles—events that seem beyond explanation. Through these conversations, people start to see that these "miracles" are, in fact, the Holy Spirit at work in their lives. It's like a veil being lifted, allowing them to recognize the divine influence that has been present all along. These realizations lead to profound changes in their outlook on life, thoughts, and overall sense of purpose. It's a testament to the transformative power of the Holy Spirit, and I've been blessed to witness these spiritual awakenings time and again in the hearts of those we've reached out to on the streets.

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