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The Mindful Journey to Positivity: Shani T. Night's Intentionally Positive Journal Series

What if you could intentionally create a more positive life by design? The Intentionally Positive Journal is the perfect tool to keep you on the path of intentionally being positive.

Author Shani T. Night shares her quotes, and affirmations, and has outlined the prompts and thoughts behind an intentional life in this new journal. This would make a great gift for others or something to use as you see fit. Be intentional - Be positive!

Her hope is that her readers will learn how to be intentionally positive in all areas of their lives. With a colorful format and fun prompts, INTENTIONALLY POSITIVE aims to help young adults script a more positive life.

"My Intentionally Positive journal is perfect for those seeking a positive change in their life. Within its pages, you will discover a collection of my favorite affirmations, quotes, and notes on how to effectively use the journal, and how to get the most out of it."

- Shani T. Night

How to use the journal

Intentionally Positive Journal is an interactive journal designed to get your head and heart into a positive place. Each day, fill in the journal with intentional positive thoughts, affirmations, and constructive action steps for writing your own reality. Become aware of your thoughts and the power of your thoughts. Journal entries are each intended to point you in the direction of what it takes to create a more positive outlook on life.

Journaling consistently will exponentially amplify your life in a positive direction. Take action now, choose the journal, and begin now with intentionally scripting a more positive life. Keep it on your bedside table and work through each day. Set aside time each night to reflect on the day’s events and record them in your journal. Intentionally thinking positively will assist in creating a positive life.

Plan for your future and set goals for change. Boost self-esteem and naturally attract good things when you intentionally think and make plans for a more positive life.

This journal is about intentionally leaving an imprint of positive energy each day. By approaching personal growth with intention and mindfulness, readers can achieve positive change and transform their lives for the better.

"This is not just another journal; it has been designed to help you in your journey of living intentionally."

Book One

The Path to Positive Change: A Guided Journal for Transformation

The first book in Shani T. Night's Intentionally Positive journal series. This journal is designed t