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★★★★★ Readers' Favorite Review

★★★★★ Literary Titan Review

Embark on a thrilling journey with The Mice Team, a D4 basketball squad, as they receive an unexpected invitation to the Paris games. Their coach's close ties to the USA Men's basketball team coach pave the way for what seems like a grand opportunity. However, what begins as a well-intentioned gesture quickly turns into a comedic disaster for one team and a triumphant moment for another.


In a stroke of literary brilliance, Reginald P. Howard masterfully crafts a narrative around the Mice Team's uproarious journey. Unintentionally becoming game-changers in a larger scenario, the team not only causes a mid-air hiccup for the USA men's basketball team but also finds themselves catapulted into a life of luxury in the City of Lights. Prepare for a sky-high adventure as the Mice, an unlikely basketball team, soar through the clouds and into the heart of the Paris 2024 Olympics. As they navigate this unexpected turn of events, they emerge not only as winners but also as unlikely heroes in the world of men's basketball. Get ready to cheer as these underdog athletes strive for gold.

Here Come the Mice: The Jet Stream Team

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