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12-month planner for planning your day-to-day tasks, weeks, months, and year with positive quotes and thoughts for each month.


To do something intentionally is to do it on purpose, deliberately, or by design. Intentionally positive means to be positive on purpose, consciously think positive, and create a positive outlook on life by design; thus, allowing good and happy thoughts into your life will assist in maintaining positive energy.


A planner with positive thoughts that allow you to open your mind and thoughts to concentrate on things that make you happy. Allow this planner to empower you to choose peace over violence, love over hate, joy over sadness, and anything good and healthy for your physical and mental well-being.


Consider this planner the start of your journey and an essential step toward a positive life. The planner contains the following:

- Positive quotes and thoughts for each month

- 12 months of planning

- Important dates by month

- Yearly calendar view

- 2023 Holidays

-  2023 Calendar - Yearly

Intentionally Positive 12-month Planner

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