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Reginald P. Howard

🎨 "Art helps pass the time away. It has been my passion for years. I feel blessed to possess this talent."

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My Story

Reginald P. Howard (Reggie): Freelance Illustrator, Artist, and Lifelong Dreamer 🎨


For over 40 years, Reginald P. Howard, affectionately known as Reggie, has poured his heart and soul into the world of art. Born in Amarillo, Texas, in 1963, Reggie is the fifth of six siblings, hailing from the vibrant household of Nona and Olin Howard, who still reside in Beavercreek, Ohio to this day. While he dabbled in a few drawing classes during high school, Reggie's artistic journey is largely self-taught and self-refined, fueled by a deep passion for his craft.

As a graduate of Wright State University and Averett College, where he pursued his M.B.A., Reggie has dedicated over 32 years of his professional life to serving the federal government in Washington DC. Yet, it was his wife India's persistent encouragement that nudged him to share his artistic talent with the world. With the publication of his own book and his role as an illustrator for a series of children's books authored by his wife, Reggie now draws with renewed purpose and meaning, infusing his art with his unique creative voice.

Reggie views drawing as an inherent skill, much like riding a bike—one that never fades or diminishes once you embark on the journey. Over the years, he has witnessed his artistic prowess refine itself, continuously surprising even himself with the magic that flows from his pen.

While freelancing as an illustrator has been a longtime passion for Reggie, it was his wife who sparked the idea of packaging his art into a book, inviting others to experience and appreciate his creations. And why not, indeed?

Today, Reggie resides in Maryland, his beloved home, alongside his wife and their three cherished children: Regan, Daia, and Chancellor. His wife, a talented Program Manager, played a pivotal role in producing and releasing his books, while their daughter Daia operates the publishing company that brings Reggie's art to life in stunning, professional-quality books.

Join Reggie on this artistic journey, where dreams unfold on the pages he crafts with love and imagination. Together, let's celebrate the beauty of art and the boundless possibilities of creativity. 🎨✨ #FreelanceIllustrator #PassionateArtist #DreamChaser

Latest Release

Paperback Available
June 2024
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