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Author and Illustrator Reginald P. Howard Announces New Books

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Author and Illustrator, Reginald P. Howard released new books before his 58th birthday. One of the best things about creating books with illustrations are the hours of entertainment they can provide, even after you’ve finished reading the words.

Space Jelly and Reggie: Round II are comedic graphic novels with a humorous plot published by Infinite Generations. Both books feature full-color illustrations throughout and are available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback.

"I let the cartoons drive the story, not the story driving the cartoons."

- Reginald

Reggie: Round II continues where Reggie left off in his first book, "Reggie: That's His Story," but this time, he gives readers more to ponder as they consider what it means to have grown up in his household of eight.

Reggie: Round II

Reggie is back for Round 2 with hilarious stories. Reggie: Round II is a follow-up to Reggie: That's His Story. Reggie is back with his hilarious storytelling.

Reggie: Round II: A delightful collection of mini tales recalled by the author while reflecting on his childhood and growing up with mom, dad, brothers, and sister. Reggie: Round II is his story.

Reggie: Round II will entertain the reader through the eyes of Reggie. The family's skillful storyteller is back for Round II with stories featuring several hilarious characters, members of a real-live African-American family with stories spanning their growing years, written and drawn from Reggie's perspective.

Space Jelly debuts at #1

Space Jelly, a new adventure for Warren and the Mice, reached #1 on Amazon within 24 hours of its launch, with sales still rising strong after one week in release.