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Reginald is back with more treasured stories: Presenting Mini Tales Collection by Reggie

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Whether you are a kid or an adult, you will enjoy the adventures of Reggie. Ready, Aim, Fire! is the latest book in Reggie's new series, Mini Tales Collection.

Reggie has combined his talents as an award-winning illustrator and writer in this collection of short stories that feature several hilarious characters who are members of a real-life African-American family. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat and make you LOL as you’re taken through Reggie’s life of mayhem. After reading about how he gets hit by a rock and his family's travels around the US, you will never guess what happens next.

Mini Tales Collection

The Mini Tales Collection by Reggie is a new series that contains three illustrated books filled with Reggie's favorite stories of his past adventures. The Mini Tales Collection features short stories about the author, Reggie's childhood and other real-life experiences. One such story stands out as his favorite of all time.

The stories span Reggie's childhood and were written and drawn from the perspective of Reggie. The author hopes that you will enjoy this book as much as he enjoyed writing it.

Book One Reggie: That's His Story

Skillful storytelling is both an art and a science. Stories like these, that have been pieced together to form this book, are simply meant to provide entertainment to the reader while maintaining a steady moral compass in the process! There are tons of other stories to be had, however, this book just captures a small few. The intent here is to be relatable to the lives and home-life of the reader.

Book Two Reggie: Reggie: Round II