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Children's Author and Illustrator Week 2021

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Children's Authors and Illustrators Week is celebrated annually on the first week of February. This is a wonderful opportunity to spotlight some local and acclaimed illustrated children’s books. Join us in celebrating Children's Author and Illustrator week 2021 by showcasing our favorite children's authors and illustrators.

Every book lover enjoys a fun children's book that captures your imagination and takes the reader on a journey. Children's authors and illustrators are a driving force in promoting literacy and education to kids. Authors and Illustrators work together to bring a story to life.

An illustrated children’s book allows for a unique way to engage with a story –presenting a beautiful landscape for a child to immerse themselves in through images.

Children's Author : Shani T. Night

Shani writes children's books from inspiration which are aimed to inspire the younger audience. Her hope is that we all will continue to let our light shine, and not allow it to be dimmed. Shani's desire is for all readers to learn the power of words.

"Imagine it. Dream it. Think it. Write it. Let it simmer but Publish it. No matter what, just do it" - Shani T. Night

You can find Shani 's books here and at her website

Children's Illustrator : Reginald P. Howard

Reginald P. Howard (Reggie) is a self-proclaimed freelance illustrator who has been drawing for the love of art for over 40 years.

You can view Reginald's work here and on his website

Comment below and let use know your favorite children's books!

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